Cycling is a rather popular activity that is participated in by many people around the world. Cycling can take place on paved roadways or off-road through mountain biking trails. For those who enjoy exercise, cycling is a great way to get in shape while enjoying the great outdoors. Another great benefit of cycling is that aside from the initial expense of your bike, a bike rack and some occasional gas money to get you to a destination to ride at, it’s a rather inexpensive outdoor activity!  Even with its relatively inexpensive nature, it is still good to be prepared. Especially when your cycling adventures take you into off-road territory, you’ll want to ensure that you’re prepared to deal with a potential mechanical issue (popped bike chain, braking issues, etc.), or perhaps a bike accident where first aid may need to be applied. Our community of members partake in a variety of outdoor adventures, including cycling. Connecting with others who enjoy similar activities is a great way to learn new amazing places to visit with your bike, and new challenges to experience! Considering becoming a member today!

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