Sometimes, you just want to get out into nature and take in all that it has to offer.  Nature is the cure for a great many of life’s stressors. There’s not many more sounds in life more relaxing than the running creeks and streams, birds, insects and frogs calling in the background as you walk through a pristine forest. Escaping the city life, and removing yourself from the traffic and noise has a calming effect on our psyche and enables us an opportunity to rewind and reflect on the work week. While hiking, many like to partake in wildlife photography or a relatively new activity that is gaining momentum…geocaching. Whatever your reason for getting out for a hike, we work hard to provide you what you need to ensure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest and get the most out of your experience. Consider getting an Ambush Xtreme Outdoors Membership and save money on your most used gear and tools. Get special deals on various outdoor events and services, as well!


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Chris LawHiking and Geocaching