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November 2014


Chris Law is a dedicated outdoorsman and wildlife specialist. He operates a traveling reptile exhibit in Central Florida called Roaming Reptiles of Central Florida. As an adventurer and wildlife educational outreach, he spends a great deal of time finding an assortment of wildlife in-situ in the wild. This adult female American Alligator was found basking on a cooler spring morning in St. Petersburg, FL. Chris encourages people to enjoy these animals from afar, but also wishes to remind everyone that aside from the limited hunting season, it is illegal to feed, kill or harass alligators in the wild. These animals, if tampered with, can become quite dangerous. However, they are usually quite shy and provided that you leave them alone, they will have no interest in bothering you. Please admire them from afar, but respect them enough to leave them be. These magnificent predators are a keystone species that are vital for a healthy ecosystem. To learn more about alligators, feel free to check out his company website information page about alligators.  Thank you for sharing the photo, Chris!

Chris LawAdventure Photo of the Month