What to Bring Camping

What to bring: Keep in mind that what you want while camping is something you have to carry around. So you want to make a good choice between weight and necessities. Always bring an adequate supply of water and food. You should ALWAYS stay hydrated, regardless of how thirsty you feel. Having tools can make your camping experience easier and … Read More

RobWhat to Bring Camping

How to Choose a Campsite

When deciding to choose a camp site, many factors need to be taken into consideration. You should always have a map of the area in which you are camping. Make a note of where your water source is and where you are located in respect to everything. In other words, anticipate how the weather could affect your camping experience. Learn … Read More

RobHow to Choose a Campsite

Cooking Wild Game

Cooking wild game can be tricky. Here are some tips to help preserve a good taste: Do not age the game first; do not brine or marinate the game first, do not overcook the meat, do not cook it the wrong way, and do not overcompensate. Keep the meat preserved and do not allow it to rot or age. The … Read More

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