Hunting with Hog Dogs

  Using dogs has arguably a 96% higher success rate than other methods used. Most of the time, training a dog will occur in its earlier stages of its life. The trainer can walk a hog around to leave a scent trail and gauge the dog’s ability to track the scent and to see if the dog is interested in … Read More

Chris LawHunting with Hog Dogs

Hog Hunting Techniques

20 years ago wildlife authorities were practically begging people to go hunt deer. The same can be said today but instead of deer, they are begging us to hunt wild hogs. These hogs (also known as feral pigs) are quickly becoming a nuisance and their population boom is becoming quite an issue in most of the United States. Wild hogs … Read More

Chris LawHog Hunting Techniques

Wild Turkey Hunting

Depending on the regulations, wild turkey is hunted in the spring or fall. Spring hunts are generally for male turkeys since that is their breeding time while the fall is for either male or female. Turkeys are hunted with a variety of weapons: Shotguns, Bows, and small caliber rifles. Since turkeys have excellent eyesight, it is recommended to wear full … Read More

Chris LawWild Turkey Hunting


Skiing can be done as sport or for recreation. Types of skiing include Alpine or downhill and Nordic or cross-country. Alpine uses fixed heel bindings to the skis and Nordic uses free-heel bindings. To get started skiing, you may consider getting ski clothing, helmets, poles, boots, bindings, and skis. Unlike sand boarding, skiing is generally seasonal. Skiing is also a … Read More