Mountain climbing, bouldering and rappelling are arguably the most dangerous of outdoor extreme sports that one can involve themselves in. While an absolutely breathtaking experience, an ill prepared climber can either seriously injure themselves or get themselves killed. Both happen on a fairly frequent basis.  In mountain climbing, a great many things can fail to go according to plan. Equipment malfunctions happen with relative frequency, especially when improperly used. Weather conditions change rapidly and the physical conditions of the climbing area are almost always hazardous, some worse than others. Rain, sleet, ice, snow, heavy winds and extreme cold are always possible and you must be prepared to deal with them all. The best way to approach this activity if you’re newcomer to the sport, is to get to know other  climbers. Ask questions, get involved, learn and try to join others more experienced on a climb so you can hone what you have learned through reading.  Here at Ambush Xtreme Outdoors, we want you to have all of the tools you need. First and most importantly, is providing you a community of fellow climbers to get to know and learn from. Consider becoming a member today and share your knowledge and experience with others, or sit back and learn so one day you can be the one providing the advice. We want your mountain climbing, bouldering and rappelling experience to be everything you dream it to be. Let us know how we can help!

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