Cooking Wild Game

Cooking wild game can be tricky. Here are some tips to help preserve a good taste: Do not age the game first; do not brine or marinate the game first, do not overcook the meat, do not cook it the wrong way, and do not overcompensate. Keep the meat preserved and do not allow it to rot or age. The longer it rots or ages, the more “gamy” the flavor will be. Brining is done to allow the meat to absorb more water and become juicy. Marinating tenderizes the meat. It is easy to overcook game because wild game tends to have less fat. Constantly tend to the meat as it cooks by basting it, poaching it, and doting it until the last second. There are different categories of meat. You should quickly sear pieces like the loin while braising tougher pieces like the shoulders in liquid for hours. Let the meat speak for itself. Let the meat be served with ingredients that accentuate the flavor of the meat versus covering the meat in ingredients like mushrooms, peppers and other toppings. There are several different ways to cook meat and different types of recipes. We have several types of recipes for you to try. We are always looking for more recipes and ways to prepare food. Send us an email of your recipes and we will share with everyone!

RobCooking Wild Game