A scallop is a common name for a saltwater mollusk (clam). They have brightly colored, symmetrical, fan-shaped shells. Scalloping can be done for food or for recreation. Scalloping is usually done in shallow water 4ft to 8 ft. Look for areas with clear water and sea-grass beds. the scallops like to stay at the edge of where the sand meets the grass. Abide by local laws, rules, and regulations. General equipment is: a mask/goggles, snorkels, fins, and a mesh bag. After you collect the scallops, it is recommended that you place them into an ice box for preservation. Wear sun block since there is no shade out in the ocean. When looking for scallops, pay attention the swells (a wind generated waves that are not affected by local wind). Scallops do not live around swells. Scouting your area before you go hunting can improve your chances of finding scallops. Make sure that anytime you dive under water you have an indicator showing that you are diving. Our members enjoy discounts on gear, saltwater adventures and much more!


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