Geocaching is growing in popularity. In a way, it helps to provide additional activity to an already intended hike. It gives goals and enables you to incorporate map and GPS readings. The goal of geocaching is that participants hide what is called a “cache” inside of a weather proof container somewhere within the outdoors. They mark a GPS coordinate and post it online. It is then up to new participants in the area to search and locate the cache. Upon finding the cache, you would sign your name on the paper provided inside and either add a token or remove one. Sometimes people put money in them as a special prize. Other times, they place little trinkets within them. Essentially, this is a modern day treasure hunt. It’s a great way to get out in nature, explore and participate in an activity while you’re at it. There are whole communities dedicated to geocaching activities.

Some safety rules while geocaching:

1.) Always tell someone where you’re going to geocache and what time you’ll be back. Bring a partner if possible.

2.) When locating or placing a geocache, please be mindful of snakes. They don’t intend to hurt you, but often geocachers place their caches in locations that are excellent snake hiding spots for snakes. We don’t want someone being bitten by accident by a snake simply trying to hide from larger predators.

3.) Being rain gear to prepare for weather shifts

4.) Bring more water than you think you’ll actually need

5.) Mark your parking location and be sure to know how to operate your GPS to get you back.

Chris LawGeocaching