Gigging is a method to capture frogs, fish, and other types of water or amphibious creatures. Since frogs eyes reflect light, it is easier to spot them at night with spotlight; however, daytime gigging is not impossible nor unheard of. Make sure you have a good understanding of the amphibian that you are capturing since not all amphibians are suitable for human consumption. The gig is made with a (generally) 3-4 tined spear head with barbed points. Use the head light or spot light to blind the frog or fish before gigging. The gig is attached to a rod and then thrown or thrusted into the direction of the frog or fish. Alligators are a real threat during gigging in Florida. Do not mistake the red glowing eyes of a gator for the eyes of frogs. Watch where you step. The state of Florida has many Moccasins. Gigging can take place in salt water, fresh water, by airboat, by walking, and by a boat in the ocean. Make sure to follow the local rules and regulations for what type of game you can gig.