How to Choose a Campsite

When deciding to choose a camp site, many factors need to be taken into consideration. You should always have a map of the area in which you are camping. Make a note of where your water source is and where you are located in respect to everything. In other words, anticipate how the weather could affect your camping experience. Learn the terrain to determine where a good spot would be. Being able to read a topographical map is recommended. Choose your camp site based on what activities you are planning on doing. Do you want to hike along trails or into deep woods? The lower your elevation the cooler your environment will be. But, if you choose a higher elevation (very high) the air will also be cooler.

Another thing to consider is the wild life. What type of animals live in the area? What type of insects or bugs will be around? In Florida, mosquitoes are quite a nuisance. Sun-lit spots and a slight breeze are good to keep away mosquitoes.

The actual time you choose to camp is important also. The rainy season can make lower elevated areas become like a swamp. When camping in the summer, you should go to areas with a lot of shade. However, shade should also be utilized during the winter to prevent skin damage even though you may not feel like you are being burned.

RobHow to Choose a Campsite