The mourning dove is the most hunted migratory game bird in North America. It is legal to bait dove using naturally grown grain from the field your are hunting as long as it is a result from mowing, shredding, disking, chopping, burning, etc. The most common method for hunting dove is with a 20, 16, or 12 gauge shotgun. It is recommended to use an auto-loader shotgun since doves are fast and abundant while being hard to hit. Doves have excellent eyesight, so it is important that the hunter stay concealed. Camouflage is recommended. Decoys are used sometimes to entice birds to come closer. Place the decoys facing the wind at high altitudes near your stand. Decoys can be anything from cardboard silhouettes to shells and even robotic dove decoys. Learning and understanding dove behavior will help in hunting the game. Scouting a spot before the hunt can help significantly. When shooting, remember these few tips: After your stand placement has been chosen, wait for doves to come within 25-35 yards; Remain motionless until a dove is within range; Shoulder the gun quickly and follow through with a sweeping motion when you fire to make it smooth and contiguous; and always take more rounds with you than you think you will need. Good practice will help with hunting dove (Clay Pigeons). Check with your local laws and regulations for dove hunting.

Chris LawDove Hunting