Trapping is the use of any device to remotely catch animals. Trapping is used for multiple purposes which include food, fur trade, hunting, and pest control. Types of traps include: Leg-hold traps; body gripping/conibear traps, dead-fall traps, snares, trapping pit, Cage traps, and glue traps. Be cautious when using traps as you may catch a non-game animal. Choose your trap based on the type of game you are trying to catch. Some traps require a small hole to be dug to set the trap. However, some animals actually avoid the scent of freshly dug dirt, which makes certain traps for certain animals not productive. Baits and lures are often used and very effective in catching animals in your traps. When trapping animals, there are also rules and regulations you must follow per your area. For example: Some traps require that there is no top so trapped deer can escape freely. Check with your local rules and regulations. Whatever your trapping goals may be, you can be rest assured that Ambush Xtreme Outdoors is here to help you be successful! Consider a membership and start saving today!

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