Hunting with Hog Dogs

Hog dog


Using dogs has arguably a 96% higher success rate than other methods used. Most of the time, training a dog will occur in its earlier stages of its life. The trainer can walk a hog around to leave a scent trail and gauge the dog’s ability to track the scent and to see if the dog is interested in hunting hogs. Some hunters will use other dogs to set examples for younger dogs that are learning. Generally you will work with two different types of dogs, bay dogs and catch dogs. A bay dog can be any breed as long as it has a good nose and can track a boar. It will pick up the scent and locate the wild boar. Once located, it will begin to bay to alert the hunter to release a catch dog. Catch dogs just simply catch, A mixture of the two types of dogs can be common as well. That is, a dog can track, bay, and or catch. 13 Common hog dogs are: Lacy Dog or Blue Lacy, Pit Bull, Catahoula Cur, Black Mouth Cur, Mountain Cur, Florida Cracker Cur, American Bulldog, Jagdterrier, Redbone, Walker Hound, Plott Hound; Dogo Argentino, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Some good supplies to have when using dogs are: Cut Collars, Cut Vest, GPS Tracking Collar,; Water for the Dogs, Hunting Knife, Medical Equipment, Hobbles, Mule Tape, Parachord (550 chord).

Chris LawHunting with Hog Dogs