Pole Fishing

Pole fishing is the use of a long fiberglass, carbon fiber, or even bamboo poles to catch. Like other fishing methods, pole fishing utilizes lures, baits and other tackle to catch fish. Pole fishing can take place by the shore or on a boat, in salt or freshwater. The rods can carry from 2 to 20 feet in length. Different rods are used for different types of catches. Saltwater rods are typically larger and thicker than freshwater rods. The different poles used are Carbon Fiber Rods, Fly rods, Tanka Rods, Spin and baiter casting rods, Spinning rods, Ultra-light rods, ice rods, sea rods, surf rods, trolling rods, and telescopic rods. Be sure to follow your local rules and regulations for fishing.

RobPole Fishing