Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is under water diving which uses a self contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA). There are several underwater breathing apparatuses (rebreathers, open-circuit scuba). Scuba diving is either recreational, technical, scientific, combat, and professional. Some interests for divers are cave diving, wreck diving, ice diving, and deep diving. Make sure to have an adequate amount of training before diving so you know how to use your equipment. Most dives occur within 30m (32.81 yards). Deeper depths may require a decompression chamber. Caution should be taken when exploring underwater caves or springs. While under water, vision can be hindered. Using masks can help correct it. Some safety equipment that is recommended is: Cutting tools (knives, line cutters, shears), and surface marker buoys which indicate the diver’s location. Most of your diving will require certification so follow the rules and regulations for your area. Scuba diving can go hand in hand with spear fishing, harpooning.

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